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Image OF CrockPot Lasagna

CrockPot Cheese Lasagna

This is one meal you will make over and over again!  If you make the Mother Pasta Sauce, ahead of time, this will be a quick put together recipe for you! Next time I would probably use a sling, created with aluminum foil for easy removal. You can add, change, or omit whatever cheeses your family …

Beef Joint Crockpot recipee

Walmart Beef Joint

Beef is Quite often a slice of difficult meat to cook, do you cook it Rare, Medium, Well done, everyone’s’ tastes are different. This Slow Cooker Beef Joint Recipe cooks the beef to a medium-well to well-done state with the texture, taste, and softness of Medium Rare. We’ve not added any fats or oils to …


Walmart Chicken Lasagna

The obvious choice was a slow cooker chicken lasagna. Replacing the Bolognese with the tomato shredded chicken adds an amazing dimension to a classic dish. It was truly amazing and tasted just as good as the other lasagna in our library, We served it with Garlic Bread, but it would go just as well with …