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Walmart Chicken Chasseur

This is a really simple Slow Cooker Chicken Chasseur that everyone will enjoy, the chicken was soft and delicious with a tasty red wine/tomato Sauce. If you don’t feel like using red wine, you can replace it with white wine or water. Etymology. “Chasseur” means “hunter” in French. Hunter’s chicken shares the same literal name as chicken cacciatore in …


Walmart Teriyaki Chicken

This is a very different slow cooker teriyaki chicken, whilst other recipes thicken the sauce after, we have coated the chicken in cornflour and this creates a sauce with the chicken. We used Cider vinegar with this recipe, but you can use white wine vinegar or white wine for a sweeter teriyaki chicken.


Walmart Beef Joint

Beef is Quite often a lump of difficult meat to cook, do you cook it Rare, Medium, Well done, everyone’s’ tastes are different. This Slow Cooker Beef Joint Recipe cooks the beef to a medium-well to well-done state with the texture, taste, and softness of Medium Rare.


Keto Buffalo Chicken Soup

This Keto Crockpot Buffalo Chicken Soup Recipe is simple has a little prep time yet worth every minute! Now that the weather is frightful, it might be time to be thoughtful, Help those in your life warm up with this easy and amazing Keto Crockpot Buffalo Chicken Soup recipe! We love buffalo wings, and we have created …


Walmart CajunWhole Chicken

I absolutely love doing a slow cooker whole chicken, Simply because the chicken comes out really soft, succulent and full of flavour. This Cajun version was delicious and to add to that spicy flavouring of the Cajun a sauce was created at the bottom that was thick and Flavoursome We served ours with Coriander rice …