Beef Roast on the cheap!

Beef Roast

We buy our meat in bulk, At around $5 dollars a pound we cant get a nice 3 pound roast which can feed up to 6 people if you use correct portion sizes. 5-6 oz of meat per person!

This recipe does not call for potatoes yet you can use baby potatoes with the other veggies as well if you decide too, I am diabetic so try to stay away from the starches in the potatoes myself.

Nutrition For Beef Roast

Walmart Beef Joint

By: Shane Novotny July 01, 2021
Beef is Quite often a slice of difficult meat to cook, do you cook it Rare, Medium, Well done, everyone’s’ tastes are different. This Slow Cooker Beef Joint Recipe cooks the beef to a medium-well to well-done state with the texture, taste, and softness of Medium Rare. We’ve not added any fats or oils to this beef joint and all the liquid has come from the vegetables and for the Beef Joint, this is perfect for thickening and using as a Gravy.
Prep: 10m Cook: 360m Total: 370m
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Meal Type: Main course
Cousines: American
Cooking Technique: CrockPot
Tags: Beef Joint
Complexity: Simple
Servings: 4


3 lbs Beef Joint Roast
2 medium White onions
2 Whole Carrots
1 Bulb Garlic
½ Tsp ground pepper
½ Tsp Salt


Turn Crockpot on Low
Chop Veggies and add them to bottom
Add Beef & Season
Cook for 6 hours

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CrockPot Beef Roast
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