Crockpot vegetable soup recipe with Okra- Keto Diabetic

There is nothing easier than to toss all the ingredients into a crockpot, This Crockpot vegetable soup recipe can bet set on low and you’ll be able to get on with your day, without the need to slave over the stove.

Slow Cooker Vegetable Soup Recipe

You have heard us say it over and over, yet it doesn’t make it any less true, SLOW COOKERS and Instantpot are one of the best inventions for any busy family. Period.

Just remember if you do not have a slow all these recipes can be done on the stovetop as well! There is nothing better though than making this Crockpot vegetable soup recipe, How all the flavors just seem to meld together after a nice long simmer in the slow cooker.

Can I add Meat to this Crockpot vegetable soup recipe!

Sure you and, Ground sirloin, Or ground beef works great with this recipe, It really is just perfect the way it is, if your on a diabetic diet like myself.

If you plan on using ground beef, Brown it off with some onions in a skillet and just add it to create a fantastic crockpot dum meal!

Is this Recipe Freezer Friendly?

Sure it is! Just make sure you allow it to come to cool first! After allowing it to cool place in Bags and seal. Then freeze! Last at least 3 months! The perfect freezer-friendly Crockpot vegetable soup recipe

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When reheating it brings it back to temp on Low-Medium on the stovetop for about 15 mins!

Keto Diabetic Slow Cooker Vegetable with okra Soup 

Recipe by DIY Urban Farmer


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Slow Cooker Vegetable Soup Recipe – Loaded with vegetables, this vegetable soup is made even easier in the slow cooker! Includes optional ground beef for meat lovers as well as vegan options!



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